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Frameworks and pluggable architecture?

  Asked By: Keana    Date: Sep 13    Category: Java    Views: 1374

Can someone give me please a precise definition for Frameworks and
pluggable architecture?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tracy Myers     Answered On: Sep 13

From foldoc (....doc.ic.ac.uk/.../....cgi?query=framework):

Framework - In object-oriented systems, a set of classes that embodies an
abstract design for solutions to a number of related problems.

A pluggable architecture  is one where implementations of components in the
system can easily be replaced with other implementations as long as they share
the same interface.

Answer #2    Answered By: Vonda Ramirez     Answered On: Sep 13

a ramework is just a pattern u will folow in your coding, it defines witch
kind of classes u will make and what each will do...
a really recomend u to read abour MVC (Model- View-Controller) frameworks.
There are lots of frameworks  that follow MVC design pattern like RETA
or GROUNDS. reading about them will give  u a nice idea of what is a

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