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Application layer in Model

  Asked By: Hondo    Date: Sep 01    Category: Java    Views: 545

I always model just entity class. If I want to designing all my classes like business classes and boundary classes ,how I can separate them and how I can show relationships between these groups of classes.For example, I want to model a small application that end user can create a formula in and system must save it and calculate it. So I have a set of classes for holding formula (entity classes), and a set of classes that interpreter formula and calculate it and set of classes that manage interface.

In which way I can categorized them and how?

How can I make a relation between these sets?

How can I model layer of application?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jimmy Abp     Answered On: Sep 01

because you are not providing much detailed information your best bet would be J2EE core design patterns


however, one thing I'd like to say. because you are not using rich domain model  and entities apprently do not encapsulate any process you need to consider accessibility and deployment when layering your application. The more layers you add, more infrastructure you have to manage, logically or physically. I leave the detailed guidelines to the reference I mentioned above.

Answer #2    Answered By: Rickey Scott     Answered On: Sep 01

this is a UML question, and this is j2eelist not a proper place to ask your question

use sterotypes to define type of your classes  (entity, boundry, etc)
you may use package each for layers with layer  sterotype
you can some diagrams which show  relations between layers and subcomponents as package diagram.

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