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Overview of UNIX

Posted By: Shruti Sharma     Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu     Views: 14194

This article explains about unix functions, features, components of unix kernel, command, unix file system, directory structure, file permissions etc.

What is UNIX

• UNIX is a kind of operating system which is the interface between hardware and application software.

Functions of UNIX

• Support Programming
• Support many application
• Manage system resources
• Handle daily maintenance

Features of UNIX

• Multi-Tasking
• Multi-User
• Parallel Processing
• Pipe
• Shell
• High Security
• Reliable
• Network Oriented
• Easy to Transpant

Component of UNIX 

Kernel File System Shell Command

Some Conceptions

• Terminal (Graphic & Text)
• Console
• User, Super User
• Group
• Process, Process id
• Foreground Process
• Background Process
• Device
• Raw Device

Login and Logout

• Usually, we use telnet to login Unix System.
• Usually after logging in, the current directory is the HOME directory

Using Unix Command

• Unix Commands are case sensitive.
• Command Syntax
• Command [-option] [arguments]
• Example:
• ls - l /home
• Help
• Man Command

UNIX File System

Four Types of UNIX File
1. Ordinary File (Plain Text and Binary)
2. Directory
3. Special File (Block Device File and Character Device File)
4. Symbolic Link

UNIX Directory Structure

UNIX File Name

• Name of a FIle
• Max. Length is 255 character
• Case sensitive
• No Special Extension Name
• / Root
• . Current Directory
• .. Parent directory of current directory
• .filename hidden file
• ? Wildcard for a single letter
• * Wildcard for a any letter(s)

UNIX File Permission


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