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Convert Number to Date

Posted By: Vivek Patel     Category: VB.Net     Views: 10352

This is a utility function which converts date in number format to date datatype in vb.net. This function can also be used to convert string format date to date datatype in vb.net

'Purpose : This method would convert number format date data into date.
'Parameters : Number format string would be passed. Eg: 12281990
'Return Value : Date. Eg: 12/28/1990
Public Function Number2Date(ByVal lNum As Long) As Date
   Dim strNum As String = CStr(lNum)
   Dim iDay, iMon, iYear As Integer
   Dim ValidDate As Date
      'If date is not in valid format
      If strNum.Length = 7 Then
         strNum = "0" + strNum
      End If
      iMon = CInt(strNum.Substring(0, 2))
      iDay = CInt(strNum.Substring(2, 2))
      iYear = CInt(strNum.Substring(4, 4))
      ValidDate = New Date(iYear, iMon, iDay)
   Catch ex As Exception
   End Try

   Return ValidDate
End Function

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Vivek Patel
Vivek Patel author of Convert Number to Date is from United States. Vivek Patel says

I have started working in .Net Technology since its beta release and lucky to got chance to work on .Net 1.1, 2.0 and now working on .Net 3.5. I have worked in both C# and VB.Net for Asp.net Projects. I can also provide Sharepoint development needs. I can efficiently switch role from Tech Lead and Developer. I have comprehensive knowledge of Asp.net Development. I have been award Microsoft Most Valuable Award twice in Asp.net Technology.

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