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IF Control Statement

Posted By: Daniel Watson     Category: Java     Views: 8009

This article explains about control statement IF in java with examples.

IF statement allows your program to conditionally execute a statement. It is one of java's selection statements and also called conditional statement. Selection statements make decisions based upon the outcome of some condition. 

Syntax of IF statement

if(expr) statement;

expr is any expression that evaluates to a boolean value. If expr is evaluated as true, the statement will be executed otherwise, the statement is bypassed and the line of code following the if is executed.   

The expression inside if compares one value with another by using relational operators. Below table lists the java relational operators. It test relationship between two operands where operands can be expression or value. It returns boolean value. 

Relational Operators In Java






a == b 


Not equals 

a != b 


Greater than 

a > b 


Less than 

a < b 


Greater than or equals 

a >= b 


Less than or equals 

a <= b 

Examples of If Statement

Example 1 : Program that displays a message based on condition checking

class IfStateDemo
  public static void main(String args[])
if(args.length == 0)
System.out.println("No arguments are passed to the command line.");

//Call application from command line
java IfStateDemo 

No arguments are passed to the command line.

Example 2 : Program that compares 2 numbers and displays greatest

class IfStateDemo
  public static void main(String args[])
int num1 = 10;
int num2 = 15;
if(num1 > num2)
System.out.println("Number1 having value " + num1 + " is greater than number2 having value " + num2);
if(num2 > num1)
System.out.println("Number2 having value " + num2 + " is greater than number1 having value " + num1);

Number2 having value 15 is greater than number1 having value 10


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