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This article explains BINARY_CHECKSUM function of sql server with different examples.

BINARY_CHECKSUM function is used to detect changes to a row of a table. It returns the binary checksum value computed for row of a table or list of expressions.

BINARY_CHECKSUM function ignores noncomparable  data types in its computation. Noncomparable data types are text, ntext, image, and cursor, sql_variant with any of the above types as its base type.

BINARY_CHECKSUM(*) computed on any row of a table returns the same value as long the row is not subsequently modified. 

Note that the order of expressions affects the resultant value. 


Syntax of BINARY_CHECKSUM function :

BINARY_CHECKSUM ( * | expression [ ,...n ] )

 means that the computation is over all the columns of the table.

Expression is any valid sql expression of any type. BINARY_CHECKSUM ignores expressions of noncomparable data types in its computation.

Example of BINARY_CHECKSUM function :

Example 1 : Use of BINARY_CHECKSUM function to detect changes in the row of a table in SELECT clause

SELECT ProductID, BINARY_CHECKSUM(*) AS 'Binary Checksum'

FROM   Products 



ProductID           Binary Checksum

      1                        739373310

      2                        1240574164

      3                       -1469771421

      4                        1424280107

      5                        192100513


Above example displays checksum of rows modified in the products table.



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