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  Question Asked By: Kaua Costa   on Jul 15 In Java Category.

Question Answered By: Jeanette Greene   on Jul 15

Actually, The easiest way to do it is one
of the two ways, If your system hosts a
number of users, and you want all users to have access
to it in their path, add it to: /etc/bashrc or
/etc/profile It doesn't matter which, however if you use bash,
and so does everyone else I would suggest placing it
in /etc/bashrc since I believe it is executed
last. If its only one user, you can add it to ~/.profile
or ~/.bashrc Note, you can execute vi
~/.bashrc or vi ~/.profile and it will work for whatever
user you are logged in as. Or, que prefere, edit
/homedirectoryofuser/.bashrc or /homedirectoryofuser/.profile One more
minor note, ~ equates to the home directory of whatever
user you are logged in as, (at least in



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