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How to use MS DOS

  Shared By: windowtech2000      Date: Feb 01      Category: Dos     
MS DOS is an old operating system released in 1981 that was improved upon and used until around 2000. I believe support for MS DOS as an operating system terminated effectively December 31, 2001. It is a command line interface (CLI) operating system, meaning you are supposed to type in commands and the computer will follow them. The most frequently used commands are for file management, and are "dir," "cd," "chdir," and "del." This video shows you how to use these commands for basic file management. If you want more on MS DOS, type HELP in the prompt, and you should get more commands. If you want help on a certain command, type (command)/? or help (command). If these don't help you explore DOS further, you can request a video from me, I would gladly make it. Keep in mind that these commands can be used to make file management batch files as well, which will be in a video soon to come.

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