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Lemmings in DHTML on the Nokia N800 internet tablet

  Shared By: nokiagaming      Date: Sep 20      Category: DHTML     
This video shows DHTML Lemmings running on the Nokia N800 internet tablet's web browser. DHTML Lemmings is a clone of some Lemmings levels which is made entirely of HTML and Javascript. In effect, this game is made in exactly the same way as most modern websites, and to run the game you simply go to the DHTML Lemmings website using a Javascript-compatible browser. Javascript isn't Java, JS is normally just used for adding simple things like headline tickers and dropdown menus to websites. The downside of doing it this way is that the device running DHTML Lemmings has to be pretty powerful, far more powerful than if it was running the game as a native application. DHTML is an inefficient way of implementing a relatively complex game, so it's impressive that it has been done so perfectly. If you want more videos, news, reviews and info on games for Nokia devices, please visit www.neoncherry.com and click on Unofficial Nokia Gaming Blog.

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