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To-Increase's Connectivity Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  Shared By: ToIncreaseSolutions      Date: Dec 02      Category: BizTalk Server     
To-Increase Connectivity Studio provides a wide-ranging solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX data migration and system integration. The solution provides two powerful tools to help accomplish these goals. Connectivity Studio enables you to define and maintain connections between Microsoft Dynamics AX and external systems, including: enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, financial planning systems, and enterprise application integration (EAI) systems such as Microsoft BizTalk Server. Using the same procedures with all programs, you can also establish connections between companies or different modules within the same company. Connecting existing systems reduces the amount of code you need to input, minimizes errors, and increases reuse. Conversion Studio enables you to easily map, check, convert, transform, and enrich data and transfer that data from or into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Conversion Studio was built to make any conversion easy to set up, execute, and maintain―without compromising the flexibility required in most conversion projects. Connectivity Studio offers one of the most advanced data integration solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution provides powerful capabilities to efficiently and effectively import or export Microsoft Dynamics AX data with significantly less effort and more consistency and reusability. Connectivity Studio is the ideal data migration and system integration tool for consultants, developers, and competency experts <b>...</b>


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