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Darth Vader Endorses US Climate Bill on Greenwash of the Week

  Shared By: RANVideo      Date: May 14      Category: PowerShell     
In this episode of Greenwash of the Week Darth Vader takes over the studio to endorse the "American Power Act" which was recently announced by Senator John Kerry and his accomplice Darth Lieberman. Lord Vader joins a long and dirty list of supporters of the climate bill which includes coal companies like Duke Power, Shell Oil, a host of nuclear power corporations as well as the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). If passed the bill would funnel billions of dollars to oil companies for expanded offshore drilling, so-called "clean coal technology" and new nuclear power plants. It would also set up a cap and trade carbon market. Greenwash of the Week is sponsored by the Change Chevron campaign changechevron.org - because Energy Shouldn't Cost Lives.


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