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Dare to Dream Different Contest - MrX

  Shared By: NETMFTeam      Date: Aug 26      Category: BizTalk Server     
In Q1 2009, we will be present at a road show organized by Microsoft Austria MS BigDays 2009 . Last year we created an online battleship game to demonstrate Silverlight 2.0, the year before we showed an automated warehouse with Lego Mindstorm, SOA, and BizTalk Server. This year we want to create a real-world multiplayer game based on indoor GPS and .NET Micro Framework. The game is inspired by the board game Scotland Yard see http //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland_Yard_ game . In every break between the sessions, we are going to nominate a Mr. X . He is the bad guy that three teams of agents have to find. Mr. X gets a Micro Framework device with wireless network and indoor GPS. The device sends his GPS position to a central game server regularly. The agent teams have similar Micro Framework devices with GPS and a wireless radio. It constantly shows the direction in which they can find Mr. X relative to them. Their goal is to manually triangulate Mr. X s position. They have to find out his name everyone on the show has badges and tell it to us. It will be not easy due to indoor GPS s impreciseness and the fact that Mr. X. will be moving The team that firstly guesses the na

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