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Heinrich - Error on Col_Name()May 05
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Milind - Program to find the names of all the student who have...Feb 22
Milind - Prolog program to display item name, code, quantity, price...Feb 21
Milind - Prolog program to create a database of Employees containing...Feb 21
Milind - Prolog program to create a database of teachers containing,...Feb 21
Milind - ProLog Program of searching a students data when Name or a...Feb 21
Milind - ProLog Program to search record by name and phone numberFeb 21
Milind - ProLog Program to find length of namesFeb 21
Milind - ProLog Program to search car by company name, car name,...Feb 21
Shruti - How do we define name in Excel? What is the use of defining...Jan 20
Shruti - Name the function, which can get you the current date.Jan 20
Shruti - What is a range? How can you name ranges?Jan 20
Shruti - What are macro actions? Name any two actions provided by...Jan 20
Shruti - What are macro actions? Name any two actions provided by...Jan 20
Shruti - What will SELECT SUBSTR LASTNAME,1,5 FROM NAME_TBL; query...Dec 21
Shruti - Assuming that they are separate columns, which function(s)...Dec 21
Shruti - What SELECT COUNT(LASTNAME) FROM CHARACTERS; will return?Dec 21
Shruti - Will SELECT SUM(LASTNAME) FROM CHARACTERS query work?Dec 21
Shruti - Which functions are also known by the name ? Dec 21
Shruti - Name the process that separates data into distinct, unique...Dec 21
Shruti - COUNT(field_name) with exampleDec 17
Shruti - Provide syntax to rename a tableDec 17
Shruti - Name of serial’s name which has been started two year ago.Dec 15
Shruti - Define a namespace called ‘samplespace’, which includes a...Dec 15
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Grace - In 8085 name the 16 bit registers?Dec 01
Fredrick - C program that takes Salesperson details such as Payroll...Nov 26
Jackson - Identify the error, if any: char str_name ‘a‘;Nov 21
Brand - Name 5 different addressing modes?Nov 19
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