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Franklin - Character DisplayFeb 03
zoe - procedure named ‘read’ that reads a character from a keyboard...Dec 07
Rehan - studyng motivation and satisfaction levelMar 27
Ellie - Assembly program that will accept a characterMar 14
Aurang Zeb - Ascii Character PrintFeb 14
Neha - abstract classMar 25
Seema - Word Document extractionJan 22
Mustabshir - Character or DigitsNov 29
Valera - Formula multiplying ActiveCell with "F11"May 23
Falak - Even number ,Prime no. ,Factorial of a numberDec 06
Aytikay - Display character which appears number of time equal half...Dec 05
Quah - accept sting and display second character of stringNov 27
Quah - Accept String input and only display the second character of...Nov 24
Andy - Copy data from active cellAug 28
Hyunseo - Simple addition and subtraction...Mar 31
Vincent - Moving of Character within an arrayNov 29
Milind - RMI application for counting factorial of a given number.Feb 23
Milind - Corba program to develop a simple calculator with addition,...Feb 23
Milind - TCP/IP program to print a single character on a Network...Feb 22
Milind - TCP/IP program to move a character from the keyboard to the...Feb 22
Milind - Program to compare character and stringFeb 21
Milind - Prolog program to compare characters, strings and also...Feb 21
Milind - Prolog program to read two strings and then output the third...Feb 21
Milind - Prolog program to find factorial of given numberFeb 21
Milind - prolog program to read 10 strings into a list and display...Feb 21
Milind - ProLog Program to generate facts of the family and take...Feb 21
Shruti - What are macro actions? Name any two actions provided by...Jan 20
Shruti - What are macro actions? Name any two actions provided by...Jan 20
Shruti - Differentiate between crosstab query & Action query.Jan 20
Shruti - Distinguish between Select query and Action Query, Database...Jan 20
Shruti - Will using a savepoint in the middle of a transaction save...Dec 21
Shruti - When nesting transactions, does issuing a ROLLBACK...Dec 21
Shruti - Can savepoints be used to "save off" portions of a...Dec 21
Shruti - What is the function of the GROUP BY clause, and what other...Dec 21
Shruti - What SELECT COUNT(LASTNAME) FROM CHARACTERS; will return?Dec 21
Shruti - Will SELECT SUM(LASTNAME) FROM CHARACTERS query work?Dec 21
Shruti - Which function capitalizes the first letter of a character...Dec 21
Shruti - Which of the following character literal(s) does use two...Dec 15
Reuben - Which of the following statements do correctly describe the...Dec 06
Shruti - System activity reporter - sarNov 29
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