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MySQL Simple Basics

 Beginning MySQL Shows you how to create,insert,update and delete databases/tables
Category:My SQL


How to Create My Sql Database

 How to Create My Sql Database and insert table in my sql database into another domain using phpmyadmin.
Category:My SQL


MySQL - Install

 Screencast of the installation of MySQL on a local PC to run on a local installation of Apache for a home test environment.
Category:My SQL


PHP Tutorials: MySQL (Part 2)

 Connecting to the database, error handling and selecting your database.
Category:My SQL


MySQL SQL Statements Tutorial 2

 Here I explain what SQL is & show many statements in sql. I'll go over the following statements and how to use them: Describe, Insert, Select, Where, Comments, Operators, Count and Group By
Category:My SQL


PHP Tutorials: MySQL (Part 5)

 Displaying selected data from your database table, and some useful SQL queries to filter what you want to see.
Category:My SQL

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