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What is JavaScript?

 ogsolution.com - In this screencast, we are going to dive into the world of a very popular scripting language called JavaScript. JavaScript is used on most major portal websites today and its major us...


JavaScript Tutorial 1: Functions

 This is my first javascript tutorial, I decided to make it on functions since it's an important part of javascript.


JavaScript: The Good Parts

 Google Tech Talks Web Exponents presented by Doug Crockford February 27, 2009 blog post: google-code-updates.blogspot.com JavaScript is a language with more than its share of bad parts. It went from n...


Javascript Lesson: Objects

 A full lesson from our JavaScript series at www.educator.comOther Computer Science subjects include Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, with more coming soon. We also offer math/science help in Pre-Algeb...


LightBox 2: Simple JavaScript Image Gallery

 I have received a ton of requests for Lightbox2 tutorials. I have gone ahead and created one using Dreamweaver and by the time you watch this video you will be able to setup and edit your very own Lig...


JavaScript Tutorial 1.1: The Very Basics

 This tutorial will cover the really basic things about JavaScript, mainly proper syntax of strings, method of script inclusion, and the commonly used alert() and document.write(). To those of a keen e...

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