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Web-Based Expert System for PC Troubleshooting

  Asked By: Abarrane    Date: Apr 25    Category: Java    Views: 1497

I am working on a project titled
"Web-Based Expert System for PC Troubleshooting". The
expert system will be developed in JESS (Java Expert
System Shell) which provides interface with Java. So
to make our system web-enabled we have to build the
website in Java + HTML & interface it with JESS.
We have chosen the following
concepts of Java to be used for our website:

1. Applets, which will get loaded on the client side
2. JDBC for maintaining user profiles
3. AWT or Swing components for the user interface
4. Servlets embedding JESS which will also interact
with the applets on the client side

I need your suggestions about the choice &
the suitability of the above Java concepts for the

Will our system need Multithreading or
multiple requests will be handled by the web server?

Any tips, improvements or suggestions are
always welcome!

Waiting for your reply!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Landra Schmidt     Answered On: Apr 25

It Seems to me you are going to explore all the Thick
clients in java, like applets, swings, awt  etc.
Please judge carefully while using applets, as it is
bulky and needs security manager( just in my opinion).
Needs any sort of applets  and servlets  coding help..
do write to me.

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