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VBA code for sorting

  Asked By: Alex    Date: Jan 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 2314

How do you write a vba code to sort an entire row of data based on a
number value on a particular column where the heading is dynamic
(meaning changes) for each different section of the spreadsheet. I
have this formatted excel template that has a button that when
clicked on it dumps data into this formated template from a text file
source. This template has several sections and a rolling 12 month
period. At first I set the sort by going to the menu bar - data, sort
and picked the column to sort on which was column L. But I couldn't
just pick column L because it would sort every section of the report
the same way. Being that this formatted template has several section
where the sort differs from section to section I picked the headings
for each of the sections that was on column L which in this case was
Dec-05. The problem with doing it this way was since it's a rolling
month, the heading of Dec-05 that used to reside on column L was now
Jan-06 so when the new data was brought into this template it messed
up the sorting cause it was sorting based on Dec-05 and it should
have sorted on Column L that now has a heading of Jan-06. I don't
want to have to manually always adjust the sort every month when I
bring in the new data. Is there a way to automate this using VBA?



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