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Sort an array (Bubble sort)

  Asked By: Art    Date: Nov 02    Category: Assembly Language    Views: 5459

Develop an 8086 assembly program that performs sorting of a unsigned integer 10
elements array using bubble-sort algorithm. The array is stored in memory.

Please help



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sergey Kamenev     Answered On: Nov 12

;Bubble sort of dword array
; Parameters:
; ESI - array address
; ECX - array length (number of elements)
dec ecx
cmp ecx,0
jl .mEx

push esi
push ecx
mov bl,0
mov eax,[esi]
cmp eax,[esi+4]
jle .mSkipR
mov edx,[esi+4]
mov [esi],edx
mov [esi+4],eax
mov bl,1
add esi,4
loop .mOne
pop ecx
pop esi

cmp bl,0
je .mEx
jmp .mMain


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