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Update DataTable

  Asked By: Lloyd    Date: Aug 04    Category: Asp.net    Views: 2208

I have a datatable which i've named DT_PointsSnapshot
which is part of a dataset DS_OPC

Now i can add rows to a dataset no worries... or i can select to see
wot's inside the dataset no worries. I can't find anything useful to
UPDATE the datatable.
WIthin my datatable (named DT_PointsSnapshot) i have some columns:
PointID, TimeStamp, LogRate, PointValue

The primary key is PointID

Now I have a timer and every second it goes to my datatable and loox
for the DT_PointsSnapshot for certain PointIDs...
say it called PointID = 5
Now i wanna find that Row and update it's TimeStamp & PointValue with
a new value.

I've looked at the way of "LoadDataRow" but it duzn't seem to allow
me to update only certain columns (fields) in my DataTable.

I stress that my DataTable is NOT attached to any database.
I am using the DataTable as like a memory storage for the current
value which is updated everysecond.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Beatriz Silva     Answered On: Aug 04

How about using the DataAdapter's Update() method ?

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