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Conditional deletes and page updating

  Asked By: Thomas    Date: Jan 23    Category: MS Office    Views: 2030

I'm fairly new to using Excel VBA and would appreciate some help with

I have multiple sheets in a workbook. I would like all data to be
entered in the first sheet, and then have it filtered through (by row)
to the correct other sheets, depending on exactly what data was
entered in the first sheet. I have a function to do this, but am
having trouble with keeping it "clean".

When data is currently deleted from the first sheet, the other sheets
are automatically updated and the corresponding rows deleted from
those sheets. It does this by going through and rewriting all the
data each time a change is made (is there a faster/easier way to do
this? As of now, it's a small document, so this is not a problem)
However, when a row is deleted, it doesn't rewrite down over the old
data, as there are fewer rows, and thus you have the last line(s)
repeated. How can I have these erased nicely each time the first page
is updated?

I've tried simply having it write blanks into those rows, but that
seems to take forever or freeze Excel, so I'm trying to avoid that. I
also wrote a function in one of the pages (as a test) that does what I
want, but don't know how to call it from the first page.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Salvador Alexander     Answered On: Jan 23

Try this line of code before you rebuild the sheet  contents:


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