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Conditional Formatting.

  Asked By: Ricky    Date: Aug 31    Category: MS Office    Views: 1816

I'm trying to setup a spreadsheet which contains 26 groups of data,
in which the cumulative value of the groups will be evaluated
against each group.
The result being whether >, <, or = will modify the color of the
heading cell of each group based on the result.
This would also be fluid (update as modifications to data happen per
cell) due to the data within the groups being manually changed a
couple times per week.
I had thought a conditional format within Excel may work, but the
amount of data to be worked is more than it can handle.

I'm not real familiar with macros within MS products, and
hadn't written much programming in a long time..



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Answer #1    Answered By: Abbie Hughes     Answered On: Aug 31

but the amount of data  to be worked is more than it can handle"

If you can create, for each group, formulae in 3 cells, one each for
<,>, and =, each of which results in TRUE or FALSE (hopefully ending
up with only one TRUE one out of the three) then you should be able to
use the same formulae in the 'Formula Is' option instead of 'Cell
Value Is' in conditional  formatting of one cell. Then you'll be able
to delete the formulae in the 3 cells.

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