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User defined functions not recognized

  Asked By: Joel    Date: Jan 06    Category: MS Office    Views: 6109

I am trying to create a simple function that returns the name of the
sheet in which the function is entered but for some reason excel
(2003) does not recognize it.

I am assuming the code is correct because I've run a variation of it
successfully as a macro. And, I even pulled some code from an
internet site that was supposed to perform the same function. Any

Here is the code I pulled from the internet:

Function Sheetname(numWanted As Byte) As String
Select Case numWanted
Case 1
Sheetname = ActiveSheet.name
Case 2
Sheetname = ThisWorkbook.name
Case 3
Sheetname = ThisWorkbook.FullName
Case Else
Sheetname = ActiveSheet.name
End Select
End Function

Since I'm new, just wanted to say that I'm glad I found this
group. I spend a fair amount of time creating fairly complex
financial and data management models and don't work with or know
anyone who has vba experience. Hopefully, I will get some good info
from this group as well as be able to contribute to solving some of
the problems faced by other members.



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Andrew Bryant     Answered On: Jan 06

Because you said that you are trying to create  a function  that returns  the name
of the sheet "in which the function is entered" it is not necessary to create a
Select Case Statement.

Function Sheetname() As String
Sheetname = ActiveSheet.Name
End Function

Should do it for you. Let me know if I misunderstood what you need the function
to be able to do.

Answer #2    Answered By: Becky Baker     Answered On: Jan 06

I had a thought...

The user  defined function  was entered  in the code  for a specific sheet ( I also tried the entire workbook). Not gonna work.

If the same code is inserted into a module, it works just fine.

So, not surprisingly, it was user error.

Answer #3    Answered By: Stacie Martin     Answered On: Jan 06

What you typed was my original function  and the one that I ran as a macro  with some minor modifications.

The problem is that Excel won't recognize  the user  defined function "sheetname". Whenever I enter "=sheetname()" into a cell, Excel returns  "#Name?"

I'm guessing the error is probably related to Excel itself and not the vba  code.

Answer #4    Answered By: Adali Fischer     Answered On: Jan 06

where is your sheetname() function... if it's in a module...you might should define it with the public keyword, not sure I'll have to play with it... let me know how/where it's defined

Answer #5    Answered By: Olga Kates     Answered On: Jan 06

Why don't you try using the Paste function  feature and make sure you are getting
to the proper function? When I put the function in my Personal Macro Library -
the Paste Function puts in =Personal.xls!SheetName() in the cell which then
returns Sheet1 in the cell.

Answer #6    Answered By: Milind Mishra     Answered On: Jan 06

I got the function  to work  by placing it in a module. Prior to that it was in the code  for the specific sheet (which doesn't work apparently).

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