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Switching to Java?

  Asked By: Chisisi    Date: Apr 12    Category: Java    Views: 600

I'm a Tandem applications guy which is a dying field.

I'm thinking of taking some courses and getting Sun Java
Programmer Certification.

My question is in the US is there a glut of experienced Java
programmers around? Or would a newbie former mainframe
Programmer with certification have a good shot at getting hired?
Also, are all the Java jobs going to India?

Any information greatly appreciated.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Juan Reynolds     Answered On: Apr 12

I don't know exactly what the deal is in the US, but I can talk in a
really general manor.

Java is one of the most common programming languages that Universities
teach world wide. So I would guess that there are a bunch of people who
are taught how to use it.

However that being said, the more flexible you are, the more hire-able
you would have to be.

Answer #2    Answered By: Rafael Thompson     Answered On: Apr 12

You may be in a very good  position. Java is available for the Tandem which
runs within the OSS environment. Since you have Tandem background, you
would have an advantage. I know this does not answer your question
directly but hopefully it would help your decision.

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