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How to stop decompiling java class files

  Asked By: Demyan    Date: Apr 10    Category: Java    Views: 3927

I want my class files to be secure when distributing a java application.
There are plenty of tools which decompile the class files back to original java
Do anybody have an idea how do I stop decompiling the class files. Pls advise.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Faith Hughes     Answered On: Apr 10
Answer #2    Answered By: Son Lam     Answered On: Apr 26

You can try: Protect Java (Anti Decompiler)App
link on google play:

Short description:
*** Main function:
- Obfuscate your source code files to make them harder to read.
- Inject fake code to your source files (beside the default fakecode, you can set your fake code by yourself)
- Encrypt all String values in your source code files.
*** Effective:
- Your new code works like the original code: features, performance, ...
- You observe all changes in your source code
- If someone get your source code file, it's very hard read and understand whatever you've done
- If someone try to decompile/reverse your applications (example: using dex2jar tool,... to decompile your android apk file), they will get a lot of errors. Because the most powerful decompiler/reverse tool also can't decode the special fakecode, which is injected into your source code.

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