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Essential & Elementary Persian Java Classes

  Asked By: Nicole    Date: Sep 08    Category: Java    Views: 1225

In order to let Persian Java society, represent its very own date and calendar:

Has any team or any individual ever extended the Calendar and DateFormat classes to be officially and publicly available?

Please notice that my intension is NOT the conversion of dates at all. What Arises the need, is that I¢m about to design some Persian GUI components that will extensively and repeatedly use the counterparts for GregorianCalendar and SimpleDateFormat objects, which currently are not available for Persian locale and date format.

Accordingly, as our calendar is one of the most well-known and accurate ones which greatly backs our history too, if yet there is no such implementation in Java, I suggest any volunteers (including me) to make up a team immediately and resolve this issue as soon.

I¢m sure it will boost the tendency toward Java and will lever its popularity among Persian developers.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Daimon Jones     Answered On: Sep 08

Have you ever have a look at PersianCalendar?
it is a rather complete library. It is based on ICU4J of IBM. Although it doesn't implement Sun calendar  class directly but many concepts are similar.

Answer #2    Answered By: Aabirah Khan     Answered On: Sep 08

What I mean is implementing sun's Calendar and date classes  directly.
Working with date  GUI components, forces you pass Calendar sub classes where ever needed and that's while implementing those classes for Persian date does not look like a rigid task.

Answer #3    Answered By: Utsav Shah     Answered On: Sep 08

you may also consider the new data api (JSR 310)

Answer #4    Answered By: Ziza Mizrachi     Answered On: Sep 08

About one year ago I have decided to contribute a Persian calendar  but what I found was that they don't accept any contributor from Iran. You have to sign forms and send it back to the Sun but Iran is not listed on their countries so consequently you can't get involved in any Sun's project that is why in all Iranian software companies you see a different version of Persian Calendar they have designed for their requirements and after these many years we have still no Persian calendar in Java!!!

Answer #5    Answered By: Fairuzah Alam     Answered On: Sep 08

Should we really care if a company like Sun does interfere policies with a non-political activity like programming?

Regarding the issue  you just mentioned, I should appreciate open source projects and communities for their angles of view and manners toward separating politicians from ordinary programmers who intend to make this world a better place.

Also, why not just extending the Calendar classes  along any classes we need  and make up a Jar file out of them and distribute this library for those who need. Will Sun have any complaint? should we care?

Besides, I've heard things about java  going open source, is it a rummer or sth?

Answer #6    Answered By: Gerardo Morgan     Answered On: Sep 08

I think a good way to go is to form a standardization body from volunteers, that is supported and managed by an organization such as Computer Association.

This group can then collect, organize, review and publish contributions to anything related to our nation.

It can have a local – Sun Microsystems role.

This also should be limited to pieces that contribute to the fundamentals, such as calendars and stuff.

(Parallel to what Sun is doing)

Having a place to host all types of open source projects is not a good idea, as there is a lot of web sites doing that on the net.

Any comments?

Specially from those who are close to organizations like Computer Association?

Isn’t this possible?

Answer #7    Answered By: Kawakib Mansour     Answered On: Sep 08

I do agree,
Seems like a nice idea and I'm in.

Answer #8    Answered By: Julia Hughes     Answered On: Sep 08

What I stated was because you insist to contribute the Persian calendar  based on java.util.Calendar and yes you may create your own source codes and nobody would complains. Although this is already implemented as the other friends told you and you can find it on sourceforge website.

And, yes, JDK is under the open source license, namely OpenJDK. you can go through following links but still you can't contribute and get involved in their open source projects.


And for your information you can't browse the projects in above links because you access it from a sanctioned country! you have to go with a proxy software or an Anti-filter

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