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sign applet

  Asked By: Adella    Date: Feb 27    Category: Java    Views: 857

when i using this commands to signed my applet:
keytool -genkey
keytool -selfcert mykey
jar cvf test.jar *.class
jarsigner test.jar mykey
jarsigner -verify test.jar
my command prompt don't know this commands. i must place class and java files of my applet in the specified address of my machine? or download speceified file?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tate Thompson     Answered On: Feb 27

add path of it (etc/jdk/jre/bin) to PATH of os............

Answer #2    Answered By: Charlie Evans     Answered On: Feb 27

what is the meaning of "path of os"? I must set "OS_PATH" Environment Variable to "D:\j2sdk1.4.0_02\jre\bin"?
I do this, but anything don't change.

Answer #3    Answered By: Jawna Mohammad     Answered On: Feb 27

im sorry , .../jdk/bin..............

Answer #4    Answered By: Venkat Rulez     Answered On: Feb 27

In windows, go to Control Panel, then select System. then select Advanced tab.
At the button of this tab, click Environment Variables and then at System variables
add a new variable named JAVA_HOME and set it's value to your installation path of Java.
(like C:\java ). After submitting this form, select PATH from list and click Edit. at the end
of the list of paths add exactly ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin and then click Ok. To see if everything
works well, open new command  prompt window and type: javac -version if no error happened,
you are at the right place  to start other commands  like keytool.

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