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Reading .shp file

  Asked By: Alma    Date: Mar 05    Category: Java    Views: 1304

I want to read the contents of .shp file and display in a .jsp page.
can any one tell me how can i do this,please........



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Edna West     Answered On: Mar 05

I don't know what the format of a .shp file  is. Assuming it's a text file:

1) read  your file into a Java variable via a scriptlet
2) Assign this variable to a TEXTAREA tag.
You can do it like this:
<% Scriptlet to read the file into String shpFile; %>
<TEXTAREA><%=shpFile %></TEXTAREA>

If the file is NOT a text file, you need the same 2-step process; you
just need more customized coding for step 1. You might also do a search
to see if there are any libraries out there to convert a .shp file into
a String.

Answer #2    Answered By: Guilherme Silva     Answered On: Mar 05

ShapeFRAME (Shape file  Rendering and Modeling Engine)

Java Applet to render and view GIS Data. ShapeFRAME allows panning,
zooming, feature selection, layer hiding/showing, and simple spatial
queries WITHOUT needing to access the server! ShapeFRAME reads the
ArcView ShapeFile format and the associated Dbase (DBF) attribute
file. ShapeFRAME can work as a full "standalone" viewer ( reading
whole ShapeFiles from the web server) or as Client/Server using RMI,
with the server component either reading  shapefiles from the
filesystem or from ESRI's SDE application.

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