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Range.Find issues... ? Do Dates Cause issues?

  Asked By: Kevin    Date: Nov 09    Category: MS Office    Views: 1938

The what dTranDate, was originally a string from another worksheet...
both worksheets are formated as custom Dates...

either way I do this as a Date or String, it's not finding the date on
the new worksheet???

Set oBVCW_NEWCell =
oBVCW_NEWRange.Find(What:=dTranDate, LookIn:=xlValues) 'might get an
error with a string looking for a date... will see
If oBVCW_NEWCell Is Nothing Then
oBVCW_NEWCell(iRow, i1 + 1).Value = cADR
oBVCW_NEWCell(iRow, i1).Value = iRooms
End If

any ideas...



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