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Find a match in a range and copy contents to templates workbook

  Asked By: Adella    Date: Mar 02    Category: MS Office    Views: 779

I have a worksheet which in col C are names and the names can
be repetitive.eg ABC CR Fund A can be in C3, C12. But each row data
are different.

The folders prenamed in the first 3-5, eg ABC or STATE
There many xls workbook templates named the same as the folders'
In these workbooks, there are many sheets named as the same as values
in col C. Each unqiue name is in each sheet.

I need a macro to

1) loop thru col C until last row, get to the correct folder and
open the workbook which reside in the folder. eg C:/process/ABC
folder/ABC.xls workbook name

2) using the value in col C, eg ABC CR Fund A is the value in col C2
and find the matching sheet template's name eg ABC CR Fund A and
copy some data to certain cells of the sheet template and save it
for printing after the whole process. Then move one cell down and
repeat the same

The part which is daunting me is that if the next cell is having the
same value as the above cell, and this can go on for the next few
cells down,
I need to copy/add the previously used sheet template and copy the
certain data from the row to the new copied/added template

In the sample xls workbook templates, the highlighted cells are
variables according to the matching names in col C of the Utility



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