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Liferay persian support

  Asked By: Danielle    Date: May 07    Category: Java    Views: 3201

I've looked at most recent version of Liferay that supports Persian language.
It's just (...)translation and layout.
Portlet header and portlet body is still ltr in Persian and pages too.
Calendar does not change in Persian mode..so what is this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Sairah Hashmi     Answered On: May 07

I've looked at most recent version  of Liferay that supports Persian language.
It's just (...)translation and layout.
Portlet header  and portlet  body is still ltr in Persian and pages  too.
Calendar does not change  in Persian mode..so what is this?

Answer #2    Answered By: Rosa Reynolds     Answered On: May 07

this is the first step!
a company has donated some of its intellectual property to an open source project.
an small step for that company but a giant step for Iranian software development community! ;-)

may be now some one donates some "Right to Left" correction patch
and some one else a calendar  correction patch.

and till then you are right it is not completely usable for companies willing to use it.

Answer #3    Answered By: Geldefsman Bakker     Answered On: May 07

Please don’t use that term. It is part of the path all of the persian  users have to follow.

It is the first standard step. Maybe the next steps, e.g. the ones you mentioned, will be your work.

Answer #4    Answered By: Von Fischer     Answered On: May 07

That’s not the language  to talk to person contributed an open source project for the sake Persian users welfare, Personally tried to translate Liferay language file to Persian and I know how painful it is to translate such an extensive list of statements and technical words. Now a company has shared result of all that raw labor. I have to thank Mr. Arash and his respected colleagues for doing such a great job.

Answer #5    Answered By: Lenora Green     Answered On: May 07

I believe that this is a misunderstanding. We (including Mr. Zohdi) are all here to communicate. We don't insult eachother at all. This lack of misunderstanding is because of the nature of email. If you read his latest response, you will figure what he was to say. Meanwhile he has dealt with cumbersome Persian language  issues of liferay  and we all believe that contributions to this portal which is so popular in our country facilitates our colleagues lives which is great. I do not work on portals now. But I enjoy reading the latest news. Let's enjoy. All of us....

Answer #6    Answered By: Ryan Evans     Answered On: May 07

Yes, I guess you are right, That was kind of misunderstanding.

I thought someone has translated the language  file entirely. I have almost a incomplete translation of language file. It’s not too bad.

Maybe we can put together these language files to make a complete one. Send me an email if you want my Persian language file translation.

Answer #7    Answered By: Aamanee Khan     Answered On: May 07

The latest version  of Liferay DOES NOT support persian  against all heavenly contributions.
BTW I didn't object any of Mr.Fasihi's efforts.It was Liferay support  that was useless.
Actually half of the terms are not even painfully translated.
Und Ich verwende eine andere Sprache

Answer #8    Answered By: Michele Grant     Answered On: May 07

as Ali said, I am not Amir Hossein, I did not contribute liferay  translation.
some of the companies I work with them, has added Farsi support  to liferay,
and sadly none of them were willing to contribute it back to liferay.
I hope this encourages other companies to submit their work and keep their money and energy on added value.

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