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Karmic noob

  Date: Dec 05    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 244

I did some googling but every thing I found was for 8.10 or older. I did see
something that makes me think that installing Chrome may be the culprit (and I
don't even like it). If you are going to tell me to use the terminal and command
line pretend you are talking to a 5 year old well maybe not that but but almost.



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 05    

I would not use chrome till it has some bugs to work out. I use FF and Epiphany
web browser.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 05    

Tried Chrome on XP a while ago - thought it was pants!

Not going to bother with U.

Cannot see any reason to use anything other than Firefox ...

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 05    

Ya know what they say about curiosity. Can somebody please walk this
Noobie through fixing it. I haven't used a command line since the old MS DOS
days. And yes Chrome stinks and at this point I can't even get rid of it.

Answer #4    Answered On: Dec 05    

I've been using google-chrome-beta and am very impressed with it. It's
never caused any problems for me. (I've been running it on all my
computers - Ubuntu 8.04, 9.10 and 10.04 a2)

I also use firefox sometimes, since there's no law that says you must
use one and only one browser in linux.

Answer #5    Answered On: Dec 05    

To each his own. It may not have been Chrome but something caused the error
messages below.
E: Malformed line 54 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)
E: The list of sources could not be read.
Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem.
E: _cache->open() failed, please report.
Failed to check for installed and available applications

This is a major failure of your software management system. Please check for
broken packages with synaptic, check the file permissions and correctness of the
file '/etc/apt/sources.list' and reload the software information with: 'sudo
apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get install -f'.
I haven't A clue how to fix it.

Answer #6    Answered On: Dec 05    

If you were running chrome as a non-root user there was no way it could
have modified the file /etc/apt/sources/list. Even if you were running
it as root I'm not sure how it would have occasion to access that
particular file.

Just off the top of my head, since ubuntu is telling you that line 54 is
messed up, I'd open the file in an editor (with superuser permissions)
and comment out line 54 just to get things running again. If you can see
what the mistake in line 54 is, all the better, as it can be quickly and
easily fixed. If you'd like to post your /etc/ap/sources.list file, I'd
be glad to post the fix to line 54.

Answer #7    Answered On: Dec 05    

OK lets pretend I'm 5 years old.
You want me to what? How?

I haven't used a command line since WIN95 and DOS and I don't think thats quite
the same
I feel stupid but that will pass.

Answer #8    Answered On: Dec 05    

I really don't have a clue what to do but I want to learn
I love Ubuntu but I have only been using it since Oct 2009. I am A Win convert
have used Windoze since 3.5 or whatever that was and DOS and the first Basic
still stuck with XP + unless I can convert my friends I am there tech help. The
more I can learn the more I can teach.

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