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Java VS Cobol

  Asked By: Oscar    Date: Feb 10    Category: Java    Views: 1145

I am new to Java. Can Java be as efficient as
Cobol in processing huge amounts of data? Why or why
not? Can Java be ran on a mainframe? What type of
development is Java best used for? Web design, business
applications, video games, scientific programs, Windows



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Answer #1    Answered By: Damon Jones     Answered On: Feb 10

Not being predjudiced at ALL, I think java  can be
used for ANYTHING.<br><br>However, if you want the
truth, you can and should use Java for anything for
which you:<br><br>1) have to run things across several
different platforms (mainframes, pc's, workstations).<br>2)
may want to port to another platform (from a PC to a
mainframe --- yes java works on just about any mainframe
from AS/400, to OS/390... I think someone may have
even ported a JVM to a Cray).<br>3) You are not doing
A LOT of number crunching.<br><br>I think I can
speak with some credibility, because I once was a COBOL
programmer and truely enjoyed COBOL.<br><br>But I REALLY
LOVE Java!<br><br>I have used Java to handle large
amounts of data  efficiently. It is a MAJOR language in
processing B2B applications, because of the XML Application
Program Interfaces available and the EJB stuff and even
the CORBA API's available.<br><br>It is a MAJOR
language in developing Web applications using Servlets,
JSPs or XML/XSLT.<br><br>By developing a multi tiered
Object Oriented application, you can use it to model
your business rules totally divorced from how you have
your database or your User Interface set up. (This is
our company's specialty).<br><br>With SWING, you can
create Window's applications which run on Windows,
Linux, any XWindows, OS2, Mac's etc... anything that has
a GUI interface.<br><br>I've developed Server Side
applications which run on an AS/400 (which if anyone has
developed on that machine, you know it's almost totally
"green screen".<br><br>Although I have not developed any
Scientific applications (I did in C++), I've seen some
developed in Java. AND I HAVE done some 3D modeling in Java
which worked out really well... The Java 3D API is
really fun to work with...<br><br>I see alot of stuff on
C# which is supposed to be a Java Like language
which runs on Windows .NET, but NOWHERE have I seen a
language as Powerful and as Flexible as Java.<br><br>Am I
a little predjudiced... Maybe just a tad... But
Justifiably so...<br><br>Stephen

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