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Java or Visual Basic

  Asked By: Hayrah    Date: Jun 02    Category: Java    Views: 553

I just have graduated.. I had been looking for a job to improve myself. when i
was a child in the computer programing world, i was interest in Visual Basic. I
am a good in VB still.. and these days i have needed some money like everybody
:)... At the end, i have found a job. it is well paid and VB. so i couldnt tell
NO to my new boss because of money :). But i wanna write with Java and improve
myself - itself. i wrote JSP- Servlet code a lot. but i am still a child in the
Java World. i am intersting in EJB , JAXP, Corba for future.

In Turkey, just the grown companies use java and they dont accept the programer
with no experiance. What should i do??? give up the new job? or another



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Answer #1    Answered By: Sydney Thompson     Answered On: Jun 02

Sometime in the future  your company will have to upgrade VB to .NET or
they will have to choose another option, let's say Java. So, if the
programming market is not that appealing for Java in Turkey, I'd stick
with the your current job. At least you're programming and getting money.

You can also look for another job  while working, this is not illegal.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kim Cruz     Answered On: Jun 02

I ll look for a new job  continously.:) but I have just finished the school and
i am hungry for battle :). i dont want to waste this greedy time with VB. coz it
is getting death and too simple. Maybe java  will be death in future. but i know
java will dead as a old grand like C :).
in addtional, Visaul Basic is not a Object Oriented Programing Language. it is
Object Base. Microsoft had writen the almost all of objects instead of you. u
just reuse them. There is no thing else... but java is not so. if you dont like
a thing with a class, you can write  another. and it is stricly grown up.
i ll keep in applying about java... it s unknown from where fate laughs, isnt

Answer #3    Answered By: Adelbert Fischer     Answered On: Jun 02

write Vb to earn money, then get a good java  education with money u have.
this will be he best choice for u, if u want to be free on your programming
and be a nice caniditate for all job  opportunities in the future.

u cannot do this job for only money. get in to java an and inspire your
skills an enjoy your job.

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