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What is the basic difference between JSP & Servlets

  Asked By: Daryl    Date: May 05    Category: Java    Views: 7158

What is the basic difference b/w JSP & Servlets? Why did JSP
introduced when we had Servlets



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Answer #1    Answered By: Benjamin Simpson     Answered On: May 05

A JSP page is "transleted" into java code which is
then compiled into a servlet. You can write a servlet
in java code and compile it yourself.

Answer #2    Answered By: Adalwen Fischer     Answered On: May 05

short answer - not a lot - jsp  compiles to a servlet.
longer answer - you would tend to use jsp when you have some (html or
other) display component
but not necessarily so, you can do anything with jsp that you can do
with a servlet and more.
jsp's do tend to be easier to find on a server
(the url doesn't have to have /servlet/ in it or be specifically mapped
to somewebapp url space)
a jsp usually lives with the html content of your webapp........

Answer #3    Answered By: Dylan Evans     Answered On: May 05

IMHO,When your page is more of HTML and less computation, then it is
better to use JSP and Vice-versa. Another advantage is, you cld use
WYSWYG editors to create JSP, I like that option as it is easy to
design pages that way.

Answer #4    Answered By: Sunil Kumar     Answered On: Aug 09

the very basic difference is
servlet-html in java
jsp-java in html

Answer #5    Answered By: Uma Rani     Answered On: Aug 30

servlet: its a java class so for every change we have to
compile the code to reflect the change.Mainly using for
writing business logics.

jsp:its a file, its automatically converted into a servlet
on deploying. We can’t compile it explicitly.the changes
will get reflect by saving the file.Its mainly used for
presentation of data.....

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