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future of Java

  Asked By: Keana    Date: Sep 13    Category: Java    Views: 1548

You may have heard arguments, that rapid growing technologies such as Linux, Ajax , MySql and PHP which are know as LAMP in addition to .Net are going to undertake the currently prominent Java in near future. For example, take a look at the following:

What is your idea about future of Java?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Sherri Parker     Answered On: Sep 13

Well the URL you have sent is one of the answers. :)

Also in Java you have LAMJ (Linux, Ajax, MySql, Jsp) :)
So in compare with LAMP you have JSP instead of PHP.

But in Java we are not talking about web scripting. We are talking
about a Platform (JME, JSE, JEE) and specially enterprise
applications. How can we compare PHP with JAVA technologies?! Java
supports from smart cards, hand helds to enterprise servers. We are
talking about a standard and unified APIs and containers for
developing mobile applications, FAT applications, n-tier
applications & Middle Tier Services, legacy integration, mobile
agents, etc.

PHP may be compared by JSP. If we assume that JSP han no relation
with all those APIs, services, protocols and technologies  in Java. :)

Answer #2    Answered By: Rachel Barnes     Answered On: Sep 13

To be honest, if you professionally review of opinions around .NET and JEE in the internet, you will find that unfortunately many of them aware us (we, JEE fans and developers who may have spend years on this brilliant platform) of undertaking JEE by .NET.
Still, The main problem resides the MS's wells of money.

Beside, consider the ease of .NET comparing Java Tech. like guess if you had spent on .NET half the time you did on JEE, what would you have been in .NET by now. although this complexity in Java is really sweet, reasonable and had alot of benefits over .NET and that's why we all chose Java.

But in Technology, as you all know it's about what money can buy.if you spend more money, budget and effort on tech you will advance to next levels faster, as MS did (although apparently IBM supports Java or open source community backs JEE), and it's happening while Sun is the pioneer in it's usefull packages and classes and was a superb tech. leader.

In Iran, This growing faster of .NET will empower by us all using windows as our main OS in either an important organizations or home as copyright law is not being implemented (which i hope introducing LINUX as the official OS helps).
This raise alot of questions in our minds such as: why should I use JEE while .NET does exactly the same in windows much better and faster with the same qualities? how many servers aroud the world support JSP and how many support ASP .NET? how many big clients does have SUN in JEE and how many clients the MS got in .NET platform? and what is the .NET growing rate? and......

at the end, althogh both JEE and .NET are going the same path of helping the humanity and although I think we should forget all these prejudice about the 2 platforms, but as an experienced JEE architect and developer, unfortunately I feel a little unsecure and depressed about the time we put on JEE and probably the time we should spend on .NET and also available job opportunities in future.

Answer #3    Answered By: Julio Morgan     Answered On: Sep 13

I also do agree with you that Java is more than a
simple programming language. Actually it is a
technology with many contributors and supporters
around the world. I just wanted to put the discussion
forward and see what others think about the issue.

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