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Future of Excel VBA ?

  Asked By: Don    Date: Nov 23    Category: MS Office    Views: 2369

With Excel 12 and the new Windows system Vista ahead, what is the
future of Excel VBA coding ? Will previous coding procedures still
work in these products ? Will there be a new set of commands to
learn ? Or, a new language to learn other than VBA ?

Also, will certain Excel versions, such as 2000, no longer be
supported ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Corinne Rogers     Answered On: Nov 23

VBA will continue to work in Office 12 and for many years to

All new version have new objects to learn, but legacy code will continue to
work for many years. There are WAY too many users/companies who depend on
the code they're writing now. MS can't "pull" it.

As an example of this, note that I can STILL open most all my old Word 6
WordBasic code and run it without problem in Word 2003. Granted,
occasionally some of that old WB code needs tweaking and attempting to
modify stuff like old custom dialogs without the benefit of having Word 6 or
95 installed to take advantage of the WB dialog editor tool is very
difficult...but they still work.

New coding  alternatives will be showing up, such as XML of Word ML now in
Word 2003...but what you write today will continue to work for MANY years to

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