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DDE and VBA in Excel

  Asked By: Zobah    Date: Dec 09    Category: MS Office    Views: 3275

I have a hardware that's reporting data over ethernet. I would like to
collect it in excel. I figure DDE would be best. Here's how it works:

1.) in order for excel to read the data, it has to perform a request
using a script written in the cell. The script is: =tnd2dde|tndwinplc!
answer1. So cell column1 would be: =tnd2dde|tndwinplc!
answer1. Column 2 would be: =tnd2dde|tndwinplc!
answer2, etc. etc.

2.) Once I press enter after entering the script, I get a number
equivalent to answer1.

I have about 6 answers I need to record (not including time/date). The
excel spreadsheet has to read the time/date and answers 1 through 6.
When done it has to advance to the next row the repeat this process.
How do I do this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Blas Fischer     Answered On: Dec 09

I've been working on a similar project, what I've found is that DDE will NOT
trigger a Change Event in Excel. You need to use a Calculate Event to
capture data, or a third party solution. Two very interesting third part
tools I've found has been, SPINAKER ALERTS, triggers on any change, about
$150.00 per licence, and BROADCASTER <http://www.duxus.com.br>
http://www.duxus.com.br. Broadcaster will give you realtime updates between
two excel  sheets living on two different computers over a network. $50.00
per machine. I'm dealing with 8 to 10 items times 45 to 90 machines. Using
the change event generally means an excel page for each item you want to
capture. Not too bad for 6 items or so but when your talking about 450 to
900 item a page per item is pretty overwhelming.

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