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EXITing EXCEL pgm, prompts for password - why so (?)

  Asked By: Kelley    Date: Dec 17    Category: MS Office    Views: 2298

I have an EXCEL pgm(w/VBA) when EXITing from it,
either by selecting EXIT command from the command bar
OR by selecting the red [X] button upper right corner.

The EXCEL pgm prompts the user for a password.
Why is the EXCEL pgm prompting the user for a password ?
The EXCEL pgm has a password set for each sheet within it, and
also the password is set in the VBA properties of the EXCEL project.
The password is not set for the workbook though.

When EXITing, the EXCEL pgm goes into a subroutine
In this subroutine, I do:
... Application.DisplayAlerts = FALSE
... Application.ActiveWorkbook.Saved = TRUE
If there is only instance of EXCEL, then I do
If Workbooks.Count = 1 Then
Application.Close( 0 )
End if



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Adalie Fischer     Answered On: Dec 17

Since you have set  the password  for each sheet  :
This clearly indicates that only an authorised person who knows the password
for the sheet should be able to save any changes made on it.Thus it will ask
for a password each time, when someone tries to save the changes made in that

Whereas if you have set the password for VBA properties  of Excel Project:
This means that the person who knows the password could only view the VBA

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