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Excel on a web page

  Asked By: Egidius    Date: Aug 13    Category: MS Office    Views: 1789

I am new to excel and also to creating a web page.

I have to create about twenty-five (25) excel spread sheets and then
upload them to twenty-five (25) different web pages. Each spread sheet
will have the exact same format and style, just different translated

I have taken an excel spread sheet (saved as a .htm file) that has two

(2) columns and over one hundred (100) rows and added it to a web page
at www.postalstampssale.com/...ic_keywords_French.htm

I have two (2) questions:

1 - In both my xls file and htm file, the words are in black bold, but
on the above URL they appear in blue regular font. If it would help for
you to see copies of the two excel files, I can send you a copy. How can
I make the words on the web page black bold? 2 - How can I place borders
around each cell?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kim Coleman     Answered On: Aug 13

Had another look and you may need to include a few more classes as follows

.x126, .x127, .x128, .x129, .x130, .x131{
color:#000000 !important;
Border 2px solid black !important;

Answer #2    Answered By: Burke Martin     Answered On: Aug 13

The style  hierarchy is complex in this site. I would suggest that in your CSS
sheet you put

.x126, .x127{

However the page  is so complex that I am not sure if that is overridden by a
later style somewhere.

The borders are more complex as they are overridden by inline styles.

You could try putting in the style declaration above:
"Border 2px solid black !important;" In fact you could also use the
!important declaration for the color as well (it overrides subsequent and
higher ranking styles) so the final style declaration would be

.x126, .x127{
color:#000000 !important;
Border 2px solid black !important;

Answer #3    Answered By: Rolando Reed     Answered On: Aug 13

Can you please tell me exactly where to place the coding that you

Answer #4    Answered By: Luete Fischer     Answered On: Aug 13

I am not certain if the site has a global style  sheet. If it has you might
put the style information there. If not, there is probably a style section in
the header of the page  and it could go there, but that means that you have to
put the style directives in every sheet  affected. That is why we use global
style sheets  - you only do it once. You would insert my suggested code on the
line following any close brace }

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