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integration apsx pages into a frontpage web

  Asked By: Lourdes    Date: Jul 11    Category: Asp.net    Views: 745

i wrote some .net code in aspx pages to use within my frontpage web.
(fyi frontpage stores it's navigation tree in a text document, i read
this, parse it with regex and produce a navigation from this as a
custom web control). that's working so far and can be seen at my site
at http://limpens.com/SiteMap.aspx

trouble is that aspx is not (?) very well integrated within frontpage.
so as soon something is an aspx page (not htm or asp) no frontpage
functionality will work (no shared borders, no titels and so on). on
the other hand, already on the clientside, frontpage refuses to
include anything that does not have an .htm ending into any page. so i
am stuck.

aspx pages do not allow frontpage functionality and frontpage pages
will not include aspx pages. how can this be solved???



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alexander Bouchard     Answered On: Jul 11

I havent used FrontPage in a while but in the older versions of Frontpage
there was a website setting where you could set the extension of the pages
that were "valid" web  pages... I used to have to do this when I was using
Frontpage at an old company I worked for and needed to view a Cold Fusion
page with a .cfm extension in front page. I think there is also a setting
now to tell it to NOT mess with any non-front page  generated code  in the
page... I think you have to put it in a certain type of front page tag but
once you do it should leave it alone.

Answer #2    Answered By: Erika Evans     Answered On: Jul 11

you have no memory whether you found this setting somewhere within
iis' console, frontpage or somewhere else, maybe web-based?

Answer #3    Answered By: Jermaine Powell     Answered On: Jul 11

I use Frontpage (as oppsoed to Dreamweaver etc).

But I only use to set out and design my front stuff.
After that is done, I simply take the html and paste chunks of it into my aspx
pages or ascx pages.

I know the Designer in VS.NET is well, lets say, junk ... but you have to use it
if you are to code  with C# etc.

In fact ... I really, really, really hate the VS.NET designer and used to get so
fed up with it rewriting my carefully constructed FrontPage written, handcrafted
d/html ... until I found out how to turn it off.

So now what I put in there, stays in there, and the VS html designer html
rewriter thingy doesn't touch it. (still doesn't display it very nicely - but I
KNOW what it looks like !)

And that is absolutely essential to be able to work  with the flipping thing !

Answer #4    Answered By: Frank Butler     Answered On: Jul 11

Please let me know how to turn that thing off.. I hate it too and it was the
reason I didnt use VS for a LONG time.

Answer #5    Answered By: Francis Riley     Answered On: Jul 11

yes I know... when you try and manipulate html, maybe adding chunks from code
behind via labels and stuff, it fills it all in for whats actually in the
designer ... regardless of what you are goind to add to it and runtime. It's
i.e. design time html may not be vaild .. but the runtime html is valid - it
wants all teh design time html to be valid.

In the bin.

Tools, Options, Text Editor, HTML/XML, Format ... apply automatic formatting -
UNCHECK both boxes.

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