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Xubuntu - Firefox locking up when viewing a web page with moving images

  Date: Jan 03    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 515

I'm unable to view web pages with moving images - like Flash
Player images without the CPU going to 100% and slowing the whole
system down and with one site it locks the whole PC up, and as I'm a
newbie I dont know how to kill Firefox to regain control.

I looked up how to do the same as CTRL + ALT + DEL in windows, and
managed to hide everything on the desktop !!!!!!!!!!! by first trying
CTRL-ESC - which brought up the application list in the top left
corner and then tried CTRL-ALT-ESC with brought up the X for the mouse
icon that took away everything on the desktop which of course I was
not expecting.

When I do get back in control how can I get Firefox to work correctly,
the website that locks the whole system up is Yahoo Mail.

Does anyone have a link to a website that shows all keyboard keys for
controlling applications and systems.

Sorry for so many questions but I really want to get using Ubuntu as
my main OS for internet use.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Jan 03    

Go to

Install flash blocker, just click on the green icon button. Now if you run FF
2.0 there is a bug in it. You can read up on it on the same page as the DL is
on. This will stop flash from going. If you want to enable the flash, just click
on the F button on the web page and it will start playing. Most of the flash is
adds any ways. I think we get plenty from all sides of life.

Answer #2    Answered On: Jan 03    

I keep the flash blocker on the stop adds and turn it off if it blocks
part of the normal page when I am at the site.

Answer #3    Answered On: Jan 03    

The addon (Flashblock worked perfectly, and having the ads
missing is not a problem for me, the kids ar'nt so keen as they cant
see the latest titles in games/music etc.

Answer #4    Answered On: Jan 03    

I am a Simpson's fan. I use
flash block all the time. It is nice to black adds. Now if we can do that every
where else.