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Disk Utility option with v9.10

  Date: Dec 05    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 439

I used the 'Disk Utility' option to create 2 new partitions, which it
did and the whole process was extremely easy.(Ihad a new HD with spare
One partition contains photos and notes relating to the old family tree.
When I want to add a photo to an individual via the family tree program
I get the error report(s)

'Cannot import /media/familytreesdata/FamilyTrees/Gallery/352.jpg'
'The filename supplied could not be found'
and the jpg fileisnot imported.

I then thought that the following be entered in fstab:

/dev/sdb3 /familytreesdata ext3 defaults 0 1

and that did not work.

Please can some one show me the error of my ways.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 05    

Does 352.jpg actually exist?

I have had good success with one partition for / and another for /home. I don't
see any advantage to having other partitions, with the possible exception of
/var for people running web sites.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 05    

The file 352.jpg does exist, the delay in replying was because I
installed from scratch and setup as you suggested - it makes good sense
to me - I now have some 200 gigs of free space on that drive which is
what I wanted. Thanks for your advice and help.

Now if I was to install MINT, all I have to do is make one new partition
for root and tell it to use the home partition that was setup when I
installed Ubuntu as its home partition at the same time. Also making
sure that the new root partition is formatted. Am I correct in saying

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 05    

I think what you are suggesting will work. However, I'm not sure why you would
want both Ubuntu and Mint on the same machine, they are so similar. If that's
what you want, go for it!

I suggest Mint to friends who have never tried Linux. One reason is that they
can load the LiveCD, and play audio and video such as MP3s and Youtube. It
makes the evaluation a lot more positive.

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