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teapop-mysql on 7.10-server

  Date: Dec 28    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 331

I'm trying to setup a teapop-mysql pop3 server along with virtual
domains stored in MySQL for my office users and I would like to use
whole email address as a login. Postfix and Teapop are configured to use
the same db . My problem is that teapop somehow cut the "@domain.com"
part from login.

Let me show you:

Here is db schema:

create table uzytkownicy
id int auto_increment not null primary key,
login varchar(255) not null,
haslo varchar(255) not null,
mailbox varchar(128) not null,
maildir varchar(255) not null default '/usr/local/vmail/',
uid varchar(4) not null default '1003',
gid varchar(4) not null default '1004',
active bool not null default '1'


create table valias
id int auto_increment not null primary key,
alias varchar(255) not null,
adres varchar(255) not null

sample user: user@...
sample pass: password

pop3 session:

Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Teapop [0.3.7] - Teaspoon stirs around again
user user@...
+OK Welcome, do you have any type of ID?
pass password
-ERR Incorrect password...or maybe you don't even have an account here?

syslog entry for this session is:

lynx teapop[21704]: Query result is incomplete
lynx teapop[21704]: Failed login for user@... [] from
localhost []

... which is correct because ... :
080313 0:19:31 571 Query select * from uzytkownicy
080313 0:28:06 572 Connect adminpoczta@localhost on
572 Init DB poczta
572 Query SELECT login, haslo, mailbox FROM
uzytkownicy WHERE login = 'user' AND active=1
572 Quit

in sql query login is ='user' and not user@...'

teapop config goes like this:


I'm quite confused and I don't know, what I'm doing wrong here so if
there is anyone who is familiar with teapop.



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