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dead lock

  Asked By: Koila    Date: Apr 01    Category: Java    Views: 531

i am new to java some one help me in the topic dead lock accour in java



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Percy Morgan     Answered On: Apr 01

Using Threads you can easily create and understand the working of Deadlocks in

Answer #2    Answered By: Aaron Kennedy     Answered On: Apr 01

could you explain deadlock with java  example

Answer #3    Answered By: Ana Silva     Answered On: Apr 01

Take the following example. There are two classes A
and B in an application both extend Thread (or
Runnable). Those two classes both have access to
instance variables of class C named iA and iB. Now A's
run method has the following code.

// .. do some stuff
// do more stuff

Now here is B's run.

// .. do some stuff
// do more stuff

Now for the sake of example say A's run method is
called a couple of milliseconds before B's. Now a
requests and obtains a lock  on C.iA then waits to see
if it can obtain a lock on C.iB. Say in the span of
time that A was waiting to obtain a lock on C.iA B's
run method is executed hence obtaining for B a lock on
C.iB then waiting to obtain a lock on C.iA.

Can you see the problem? Both objects are waiting for
each other to release the locks on the object it needs
before they release the lock on the object they hold.
A has a lock on C.iA and is waiting to obtain a lock
on C.iB while B has it backwards. Both objects can
only release their corresponding locks after they are
able to obtain a lock on the other object but that is
impossible here as they are both waiting on each

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