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Program to insert, update, delete and display in an index file

Posted By: Lacey Hughes     Category: Cobol     Views: 12277

Write a Program to insert, update, delete and display in an index file.

Code for Program to insert, update, delete and display in an index file in Cobol

       identification division.
       program-id. indexfile.

       environment division.
       input-output section.
          select fin assign to disk
          organization is indexed
          access is random
          record key is rno.

       data division.
       file section.
          fd fin 
               value of file-id is"m.txt".
               01 rec-io.
                    05 rno pic 99.
                    05 sname pic x(10).
                    05 marks pic 999.

       working-storage section.
          01 eof pic x value"Y".
            88 more-records value"Y".
            88 no-more-records value"N".
         01 eof1 pic x value"N".

          01 option pic 9.
               88 new-record value 1.
               88 update-record value 2.
               88 delete-record value 3.
               88 display-record value 4.
               88 exit1 value 0.

          01 change-name pic x.
          01 change-marks pic x.

       procedure division.
           open i-o fin. 

           perform option-para
               until no-more-records.
           close fin.
       stop run.

          perform para2.

          display "select " 
          display "1. Insert New Records. ".
          display "2. Update Records. ".
          display "3. Delete Records. ".
          display "4. Display Records".
          display "0. exit".
          accept option.

          evaluate true
               when new-record perform insert-para
               when update-record perform update-para
               when delete-record perform delete-para
               when display-record perform display-para
               when exit1 perform para2
               when other display " Error. . . "

          display " Do You Want To Continue(Y/N) : ".
          accept eof.

               close fin.
               open input fin.
      *         perform until eof1 = "Y"
      *         read fin at end move "Y" to eof1
      *              not at end
      *                   display rec-io
      *         end-read
      *         end-perform.
          display "Enter the roll no : ".
          accept rno.
          read fin.
          display rec-io.
               close fin.

               display "Enter RollNo: " with no advancing.
               accept rno.
               display "Enter Name: " with no advancing.
               accept sname.
               display "Enter Marks: " with no advancing.
               accept marks.

               write rec-io 
                invalid key display "Insertion is not Possible"

               read fin
                    invalid key display "No Such Record  Found"
                    not invalid key perform update-subpara

               display  "U Want To change Name (Y/N): " .
               accept change-name.

               if change-name = "Y"
                    display "Enter New Name: " with no advancing
                    accept sname

               display "Continue Change Marks (Y/N): "
               accept change-marks.
               if change-marks= "Y"
                    display "New Marks: " with no advancing
                    accept marks

               rewrite rec-io
                    invalid key display "Updation Not Possible"

               delete fin record
                    invalid key display "Deletion is not Possible"

Lacey Hughes
Lacey Hughes author of Program to insert, update, delete and display in an index file is from London, United Kingdom.
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