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Final Variable

Posted By: Evie Brown     Category: Java     Views: 12024

This article explains about final variable in java with examples.

Final variable is a constant in java. Once you create and initialize then you can not change its value.

Syntax of Final Variable

final type varName = value; 

type is any data type in java.
varName is any valid identifier in java. It is a variable name.
value is an optional. You can initialize variable by assigning its value. 

Example of Final Variable

Example 1 : Program that illustrates final variable use in java using dayInWeek variable 

class FinalVariableDemo 
      public static void main(String[] args) 
          //Once created and initialized, its value can not be changed.
           final int dayInWeek = 7;
           //Below statement will not compile. you can not change value of dayInWeek variable.
           //dayInWeek = 6;
           System.out.println("Number of days in a week = " + dayInWeek);


Number of days in a week = 7


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Evie Brown
Evie Brown author of Final Variable is from London, United Kingdom.
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