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Program to display available memory

Posted By: Adelino Fischer     Category: Assembly Language     Views: 7559

Write a program to display available memory.

Code for Program to display available memory in Assembly Language

prnstr macro msg
        mov ah, 09h
        lea dx, msg
        int 21h

data segment
        ans db 6 dup(' '), '$'
        buf1 db "Memory available : $"
        buf2 db " Kilobytes$"
data ends

code segment
        assume cs:code, ds:data
start :
        mov ax, data
        mov ds, ax
        mov es, ax

        mov ax, 0000h
        int 12h

        mov cx, 000ah
        mov si, offset ans + 5
again :
        mov dx, 0000h
        div cx
        add dl, 30h
        mov byte ptr [si], dl
        dec si
        cmp ax, 0000h
        jnz again

        prnstr buf1
        prnstr ans
        prnstr buf2

        mov ax, 4c00h
        int 21h
code ends
        end start


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Adelino Fischer
Adelino Fischer author of Program to display available memory is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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