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Calculate the gross salary

Posted By: Adela Fischer     Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu     Views: 39134

The person' basic salary is input through keyboard. His dearness allowance is 40% of the basic salary and HRA is 20% of the basic salary. WAP to calculate the gross salary.

Code for Calculate the gross salary in Unix / Linux / Ubuntu

echo -e "Enter ur basic salary \c"
    read sal
    if [ $sal -ge 1000 ]
             da=`expr $sal \* 40 / 100`
            ha=`expr $sal  \* 20  / 100`
         Nsal=`expr $sal + $da + $ha`
         echo "ur Basic Salary        $sal "
         echo "ur Dearness Allowance    $da "
         echo "Ur House rent            $ha "
         echo "                     ------------"
         echo "Ur Net Salary is   Rs. $Nsal "else
        echo "Pls enter basic salary greater than 1000 "



$ q1
Enter ur basic salary 2000
ur Basic Salary        2000

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Adela Fischer
Adela Fischer author of Calculate the gross salary is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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