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Beginning With C++

Posted By: Gabriel Brown     Category: C++ Programming     Views: 6489

This article explains about basic of c++ programming.

What Is C++

  • Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T Bell labs in early eighties developed it (C with Classes!)
  • It is an extension of C with major addition of class construct, that’s why C++(++ is extension!)
  • C++ is a superset of C ignoring few minor issues
  • Function overloading and operator overloading 
  • Above enables one to create abstract data types, inherit properties, and support polymorphism
  • It supports OO paradigm to a large extent
  • Use of //, /* */, for comments
  • Output with cout and << (insertion or put to op) 
  • The identifier cout is a predefined object that represents the stdout in c++
  • Cin is stdin in C++and >> is an extraction or get from operator
  • The iostream.h file contains declarations for cout cin << and >>
  • The return 0 or void main is must now

Classes and Structures

  • Cascading IO operations like cout << “Sum” << sum << ‘\n’ & cin << no1 << no2 is possible
  • Classes and member functions and the :: operator
  • Private and public keywords
  • Structure is the same but can be extended to represent a class
  • Definition of functions inside and outside of class body
  • .cpp, .C or .cc extensions


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Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown author of Beginning With C++ is from London, United Kingdom.
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